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Down for the Count: Using a Leg Elevation Pillow and Other Treatments for Achilles Tendon Injury

Achilles tendon injuries are no laughing matter. As we learned from the Greek god Achilles, this tendon is particularly sensitive and, if ancient mythology is any indicator, injuring it could lead to your inevitable downfall. While Achilles’ tale was just a myth, injuries to the Achilles tendon can be very real, causing pain, swelling and impaired movement. Those who suffer from tears, ruptures, tendinitis or other conditions that affect the tendon may be down for the count for long periods of time, forced to undergo weeks of immobilization and maybe even surgery. Causes Our feet and legs are constantly in use, and frequent activity can take its toll. Often, Achilles tendon injuries occur due to overuse, inflaming the tendon and...

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Lounge Doctor Leg Rest vs. Lounge Doctor Leg Rest with Cooling Gel Memory Foam

You want to know the difference between these two products, and we have your answer. Read more
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Lounge Doctor Leg Rest; A Finalist on HSN

The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™ has proven itself to be one of the Top 9 new inventions of 2016. Learn how
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