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Two inches of memory foam added to the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest = unimaginable comfort

The Lounge Doctor, LLC, manufactures and distributes the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™. The company is committed to producing the most comfortable and effective leg elevation device on the market.

The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™ was developed by our Medical Director, Dr. Christopher Dickson. Dr. Dickson is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon, and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He observed that when an order was written to elevate a patient’s legs, when they were hospitalized, the patients were often found in ridiculous positions. He also noted that, although physicians recommended leg elevation all of the time, they never gave patients specifics on how best to do this.

After some early studies and review of the medical literature, Dr. Dickson was able to determine the ideal position for patients to elevate their legs (refer to “Ask the Doc – What is the best way to elevate your legs?”). Using this information, a product was developed which positioned the legs in this ideal position. An early prototype was made and patients were allowed to try the leg rest.  Initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the product was patented.   Although the product was designed for the treatment of patients with venous and lymphatic disease, an unexpected observation was that the device was incredibly relaxing. The only “complaint” was that it was so relaxing that patients couldn’t stay awake when using it. 

We truly believe that we have a product that can benefit an enormous number of people. Early on, we developed the following Mission Statement and we have tried to maintain this philosophy. “The Lounge Doctor’s mission is to get a Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™ into the home of every person who could benefit from it, and to have fun doing it.”

We are also committed to providing customers with helpful information about their medical conditions which may require leg elevation. We have tried to provide this information in a useful and entertaining format. We are a company committed to continued growth and improvement and always welcome feedback on what our customers like about our products or how we can improve our products.

Mission Statement
The Lounge Doctor’s mission is to get a Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™ into the home of every person who could benefit from it, and to have fun doing it.


Our company policy in action: Always look serious for photo shoots
Sew you want to know what makes the Lounge Doctor so special...it's our handcrafted qualtiy
Since the Lounge Doctor is made entirely of foam, even Gary can box it up without breaking it
Chris Hofheins, customer service, living the Lounge Doctor credo: Life is good in the Lounge


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